Portland Psychotherapy has a number of therapists who specialize in working trauma and PTSD.

A solid relationship with your therapist is very important in psychotherapy. Below we have some information about our therapists so that you can learn more about them and see if they feel like they might be a good match for you. 

Angela Izmirian, PhD

When we go through something traumatic, our body tries to process the thoughts, feelings and reactions we had in that experience in order to move on. However, there are times when processing the experience is very intense and overwhelming. So overwhelming that we try to avoid thinking, feeling, or re-experiencing any part of that trauma. Unfortunately, whenever we avoid thinking about something, it tends to find it’s way back into our lives, be it through dreams, recurring images, or flashbacks. My goal is to help clients go through those traumatic experiences and express the thoughts, feelings, and reactions that they may not have been able to talk about previously. Many times, we get stuck at certain thoughts and feelings and my goal is to help change any thoughts or feelings that may be getting in the way of recovery. Processing through trauma does not mean that you will forget about the experience. It means that you will learn how to view that trauma as one part of your life and how to adapt and cope with that experience to improve your functioning.

My experience has focused primarily on individuals who have experienced sexual assaults as well as those who have a history of childhood physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

(503) 281-4852, ext. 218
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Kyong Yi, LCSW

Kyong Yi, LCSW(503) 281-4852, ext. 212
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