How long does treatment take?

Most people find that with 10 sessions that they generally have a sense of whether treatment is working for them. Most people can make significant progress within 20 sessions of therapy, but some need more. We take care to customize our treatment plan and course of treatment to your unique needs.

Many people have experienced multiple traumas–sometimes so many that they blur together. In these instances, treatment is often still effective but the course can be more complicated and take longer. However, clients still have a sense whether we are on the right track within 10 sessions or so.

In sum, many people find significant relief in as little as 3-4 months. For others, the road to recovery may be longer and more winding.

We utilize evidence-based practices in working with trauma, which includes making sure that people aren’t in treatment for months without significant improvement. So that means repeatedly checking on how things are going and adjust treatment based on what is and is not working.

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